Wedding Buffet Caterer

How to Choose Caterers for your Wedding

Wedding Catering ServiceWedding day is very exciting and memorable day for any couple. Every couple wants to make this day special for them as well as for the guests attending the wedding. Food is considered as the most important part of any event and especially in case of wedding. People always look for the most reputed and good caterers  in their area but before hiring any company providing wedding catering services there are few things which must finalize before hiring them. Few of those things are:

Wedding-Event-Malaysia1. Venue – Before start your search for a good caterer you must finalize the venue where the event is going to take place. Because sometimes it happens that few venues do not allow caterers from outside. In that case you have to select caterers from their list. If they allow outside caterers then there are numerous choices to choose from.

2. Guest Count – The other main thing which you should know is your guest count. This will help you in getting accurate pricing from the caterers. You can calculate the actual count by the number of invites you have sent. Add 20% to that count because the people to whom you have sent invites will come with their families. If you have a tight budget but want to feed your guests in a proper manner, then it would be advisable to invite less people.

3. Type of Service – Decide previously what kind of service you want whether it would be buffet service or a formal sit down service. All this is purely depended on your budget, your guest count etc. Buffets will be more beneficial and will tend to be easy on your pocket. For more buffet catering information, visit to the website below.

Wedding Caterer4. Selecting Your Menu Items – When it comes to selecting menu items always make sure that you are not going to have it because it is often noticed that bride and bridegroom do not have much time to eat. So it is the day you are going to feed others. So always select such a menu by keeping this thing in mind.

5. Wedding Cakes- There are many catering service providers who offer wedding cake along with their services. But there are majority of caterers who do not have any pastry chefs. What they do is purchase cake from somewhere else and will certainly make profit by adding its charges to your catering package. So if your catering service provider is saying that they also have wedding cake in their package and then ask the whether they have in house pastry makers or they purchase them from outside.

6. The Bottom Line and Fees – It has been noticed that many caterers post their pricing along with different packages on their website, but when you actual hire them you find out that the price mentioned on the website is not actually the final cost. They impose several sorts of taxes like service tax ad sales tax etc which give 10%-30% rise to the pricing. So always try to avoid such people. They can just add up to your budget rather than making your wedding party a successful wedding party. Therefore you should always select a trustworthy caterer for your special event.